Fireshine Games

Creation of a bold, dynamic website that meets the needs of a wide range of B2C and B2B objectives for this fast-growing games publisher.

“At Fireshine Games our website is a vital part of how we communicate our expertise and values to both business partners and gamers. As a leading publisher in a fast-paced sector our website needs to work hard in terms of design and functionality.

The team at OH Creative collaborated with us closely and fully understood our vision for our website, creating a bold, dynamic and vibrant site that represents us perfectly.”

Sarah Hoeksma, Marketing Director Fireshine Games

The Brief

In 2022 Sold Out became Fireshine Games. Fireshine Games is a worldwide publisher of physical and digital games with an ever growing roster of amazing releases. The team pride themselves on their passion for games, experience and knowledge and it was vital their new website communicated this clearly.

The website is also an important tool for both B2B and B2C objectives and it needed to work hard to communicate key information to the target audiences. 

The site is ever changing as new products are announced and move through their lifecyle from early development through to release.

The concept

We wanted the Fireshine website to have a big impact and it helps that Fireshine’s games have amazing artwork that helped us achive this aim.

To really bring the graphics to life throughout the site we used layers of artwork where the characters literally pop-out as well as video at full width. 

While the site needed to look slick it also needed to work hard behind the scenes.

Games have their own fully dynamic pages which look great but are a cinch to create and update for the team.

Landing pages can be created for specific advertising campaigns and a bespoke customer services hub was built.

The site

We wanted the site to have impact from the moment visitors land on the site and view full screen video montage of the lastest games.

As they scroll down the page stunning key art and animated elements engage and clearly signpost to main areas of the site.

Gamers can head to the ‘Games’ page and find the latest releases or dynamically search for specific platforms or genres.

Potential partners of Fireshine Games can head to the ‘About’ and ‘Pitch’ page to hear what Fireshine can do for them. 

Marketing materials

We work with the Fireshine team to create eyecatching marketing materials for social media, print and digital media as well as exhibition design and merchandise.

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