Extensive support for a dynamic, fast-growing healthcare organisation serving over 100,000 people in Surrey.

Frankie Laws, Director of Marketing & Communications at DHC

how we work together

We provide DHC (Dorking Healthcare) with full service support on all design, development and marketing needs.

Working as an integrated part of their team allows us to fully understand what’s needed and respond quickly. The DHC team work in a highly collaborative way and this allows us to create highly-effective web platforms, design tools, marketing materials and more.

DHC Federation are a fast-growing NHS provider whose services include talking therapies, primary care outpatients services and community health. Their services are valued highly in the community and they retain 5 star ratings via the NHS reviews system.

DHC need to communicate with a wide range of stakeholders every day including GP’s, patients, clients, partners and local authorities.

Digital platforms must be kept fully up-to-date with key public information but they must also feel welcoming and be easy to navigate.


DHC came to us with a brand identity in place and this was being used in a number of areas including large-scale signage.

While a full rebrand was not possible at this stage, DHC’s identity needed modernising to more acurately reflect the team’s forward thinking, patient-focused approach.

The solution was to refresh the exisiting branding and marque for all arms of the business.

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DHC Talking Therapies (IAPT)

DHC Talking Therapies (IAPT) is a client-facing website that must provide clear guidance to those seeking help with mental health. It must also be welcoming, well-signposted and free of jargon.

We wanted to ensure a visitor experience that made getting help during a difficult time easy and stress-free. This meant removing any unnecessary obstacles and ensuring key information is front and centre.

We use soft lines and organic image treatments alongside brighter pops of colour for a calm but positive feel.

We suggested a step-by-step guide to the IAPT process to help those who were hesitant to understand how it works.

As a result of the new design and build, traffic has increased, IAPT referrals have increased and group courses have seen a fantastic uplift in participation.

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Increase in average monthy website visitors

DHC Clinical & Outpatients

DHC is an NHS GP Federation that provides a range of services to the Surrey community.

This includes providing information to both patients and GP’s such as outpatient waiting times and Specialist/Clinicians profiles.

DHC are constantly expanding and developing new services for patients. The website has to be informative but concise, patient focused information must be free of jargon.

The new site design and development has resulted in a sizable increase in traffic and engagement.

We continue to develop new features and content for DHC Clinical.

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Increase in referral traffic to Talking Therapies (2020/21)

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