Good Company (Surrey) Launch their ‘End Poverty Pledge’ Campaign

Good Company Surrey is a charity with a mission to end poverty in their community.

They provide a number of vital services to the local area including foodbanks, community pantries, support work and help with energy bills.

In November, Good Company launched a campaign to get local businesses, individuals and charities/agencies to sign up to the ‘End Poverty Pledge’

This meant commiting to doing whatever they can to reduce poverty and improve the lives of those expereincing financial hardship.

For us at OH Creative this meant finding ways to cut through the noise and communicate the many ways in which anyone can help their local community.

We created bold and bright campaign pages that provided specific information to the 3 groups and suggested downloadable printouts that would allow participants to show that they had taken the pledge on social media. We also suggested clear FAQ’s to help visitors understand what was being asked and to answer any important questions that

Have a look at the End Poverty Pledge here

It covers Epsom, Ewell, Banstead, Tadworth and Leatherhead, so if you live or work in these areas maybe you could take the pledge?