About Us

Welcome to the OH Creative website.


We are award-winning!

We are one of the longest established web design companies in Surrey with over 14 years (including a name change!) experience designing, creating and developing websites large and small, all over the world.

Founded in 2000, OH Creative focuses on clean, elegant design and intelligent technical solutions using the latest web standards. Or in other words, we create stunning user-centred digital experiences that just … work.

Our clients range from talented individuals who require a digital space to display and sell their artwork, to inspiring start-ups, through to projects for major household brands.


Plain Talking

We try really hard not to use confusing jargon. We make sure our proposals are clear, and explain the details fully.
If you catch us using any jargon, feel free to tell us off!

Collaboration and long-lasting relationships

Our up-front, honest and enthusiastic approach to every project means our clients stay with us because they want to, and not because they feel they have to. We get to know your business and your customers inside out resulting in real, measurable success.


You’re always kept in the loop with an OH Creative project.   From our detailed site specification document and our collaborative project management portal through to good old fashion phone calls and proper face-to-face meetings (with biscuits!)

Attention to detail & the highest standards

A well planned, well designed website can and will make the difference between you and your competitors. Our combined strengths and collaboration will ensure that your site comes out on top.

Free stuff!

We provide free training and documentation on all content management sites we build.  So our clients always feel confident in managing their new site, whether that means adding news or administering their eCommerce store.

No surprise costs

Our clients never get surprise charges.  Our costs are explained and broken down fully at the beginning of a project and never added to without the express approval of the client if additional work is required.

Give us a call

Give us a call to chat through your project on 0330 111 0064 (local rate)